Seedsman is globally recognized for its incredible selection, professionalism, and worldwide service.

Seedsman began life in 2002, with the idea of working with expert breeders on their packaging, marketing, and seed delivery- a mission they continue on with, both at home in the U.K, Spain, and across the world.

Seedsman cannabis seeds have come from pioneering breeders, some who prefer to remain nameless and others who are known worldwide for the quality of their breeding. Sacred Seeds and Sam the Skunkman are its most famous suppliers. The huge breeding program helped to create seminal marihuana strains such as Skunk #1 and Original Haze.

As well as mass hybrid cannabis strains with mass-market appeal, Seedsman are also very keen to maintain high-quality landrace strains, as we see these as the fundamental genetics in cannabis evolution.

Seedsman is here to cultivate the spirit of cannabis globally, by embracing diversity, sharing knowledge, championing benefits, and inspiring lifestyles. Seedsman is passionate about seed collection and preservation and welcomes you to its diverse community of collectors.

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