Rare Dankness Seeds, Karma Bitch, feminized, 6 pc (Skywalker OG X Nevil's Wreck)

Artikelnummer: 07-02-5504-VA

SEX Feminized
GENOTYPE Sativa-dominant
CROSS Skywalker OG x Nevil's Wreck
SUITABLE FOR Indoors and outdoors

Kategorie: Rare Dankness

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Karma Bitch cannabis seeds by Rare Dankness have their origins in the cross of a Skywalker OG and a Nevil's Wreck. This feminised Sativa-dominant marijuana plant is an incredible resin-yielder, meaning she is perfect for the elaboration of quality extractions.

These plants, apart from hardy and heavy-yielding, produce dense, smelly buds overflowing with resin. A real sight to behold.

The flavour and aroma of Karma Bitch are pronounced and really special, with hints of Haze, incense, coffee and chocolate. If we add to that cocktail an incredibly potent Sativa-like effect, only suitable for thrill-seekers, the result will be no other than a real party of sensations.

Seeds - Eigenschaften: Feminisiert
Seeds Packungseinheit: 6 Stk

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