PhenoPen CBD-Extract Starterkit (Pen + 1 Cartridge), MabsutLife

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The PhenoPen is a high end vaping device which utilizes 100% pure CBD extract. it is constructed of 2 pieces:

the Body:
  • Constructed from top quality raw materials and superb engineering to produce the next revolution in vaping.
  • A powerful battery pack combined with unique breath actuator for comfortable use and fast response vaping.
  • Equipped with a vibration during use to replicate the feeling of inhaling and a light to indicate when it?s time to charge.
  • Battery capacity: 320 mAh, Power output: 8.5 W, Charging current: 300 mA (1.5 W),
  • Length: 105mm with sleeve installed, Diameter: 14mm, Weight: 27 grams.

The Cartridge:

  • A smooth and comfortable mouthpiece connected to an advanced cartridge with ceramic heating element to avoid impact with extract.
  • Each cartridge is sealed and tamper proof.
  • 100% pure CBD extract - Without additives ,alcohol or animal extracts based purely from certified medicinal pure CBD without THC, non psychoactive effects, additives or solvents.
  • Each Cartridge contain 0.5 ML CBD extract which should suffice for an average use for one week.

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