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CharacteristicsType: Mostly Indica with a hint of Sativa Flowering time: 56-63 days indoors. Outdoors beginning of October (n.L.) Yield: 350-450 g per m2 indoors. Outdoor 400 - 500 grams per plant Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors between 50º n.L. and 50º s.L. Effect/Buzz: Strong body high possible cerebral effect Smell/Taste: Pungent THC: **** CBD: *

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Sensi Star is a great indoor plant, producing powerful, resinous, and very compact buds. Although mostly indica, she retains a complex high that warps both body and soul. Introduced in 1995 by Paradise, this strains stability was improved in 1997 to deliver a strong plant with big fan leaves and nice thick buds.Sensi Star works well in a sea of green set-up. It is best to let them vegetate for 2 weeks before entering the 12/12 light cycle. If the strong side branching is allowed to remain and flower, she needs a little extra space. Prospects for gardening this plant outdoors are good in temperate zones, where she will reach approximately 6 feet (2 meters).This headstrong indica produces rock hard colas that have a lemony scent and taste. Some smokers find the buzz to be a very strong body stone, while others report a high with more energetic cerebral properties as well as a body sensation. THC levels have been reported at 20 percent for this variety, making it a one-hitter quitter. CBD has been measured at .9 percent.* Winner 1st prize Highlife Cannabis Cup 1999 (Bio category) * Winner 1st prize High Times Cannabis Cup 1999 (Indica category) * Winner 2nd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 (Indica category * Plant of the Year 2003, High Times magazine * Winner 1st prize Highlife Cannnabis Cup 2004 (Bio category) * Winner 2nd prize Highlife Feria Barcelona 2004 * Winner 3rd prize International Cannagraphics 2005 * Winner 3rd prize Copa La Bella Flor Spain 2005 * Winner 3rd prize High Times Cannabis Cup 2005 * Winner 2nd prize Champions Cup Spain 2005 * Winner 3rd prize Highlife cup 2009 (hydro) * Plant of the Year 2009 / 2010 Spain (soft secrets) * Winner 1st prize Highlife Cannnabis Cup 2010 (Hydro category)

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