Delicous Seeds Mega Buds, Big Bruce, feminized (Bruce Banner#3 x Critical Kush)

Artikelnummer: 07-90-8990-VA

Height: 180cm
CBD: 0.08%
Harvest Month: Early October
A heavy hitter, at first up then down
Strain Type: Sativa Dominant
THC: 27%+
Yield: 500-650 gsm2
Harvest: 8-10 Weeks

Kategorie: Mega Buds


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What?s Big, Green and Super Strong? No, not the Hulk, but his THC covered alter ego Big Bruce. When you take the strongest strain on the planet there is only one thing you can do to improve it ? make it bigger of course. Massive Strength, Super (hero) size and with a punch powerful enough to put anyone down, Big Bruce has arrived.

When you want the biggest yield and you don?t want to skimp on strength, there is only one place to look ? Big Bruce by Megabuds. We started with possibly the strongest strain on the planet: Bruce Banner #3, using this as our mother we then crossed it with a monster yielding Critical Kush father creating the perfect pairing of strength and size. 

THC Levels consistently clock in at 22% and above showing the addition of the Kush genetics have only added to the final package. This is particularly true when you taste this amazing strain. The Diesel heritage of the Bruce banner mixed with additional kush makes this a really heavy hitter in the flavour department. Of course, on top of this the potency means that you know when you have met Big Bruce! An intense hit comes straight in, from the very first hit which will bring on a very satisfying buzz. 

Seeds Packungseinheit: 5 Stk 10 Stk
Seeds - Eigenschaften: Feminisiert

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